New Phishing Scam offers a job at Marvel’s Avengers. Don’t try to be a superhero by opening this email

Crystal Dynamics, developer of the video game Marvel’s Avengers, has released an alert regarding a fraudulent campaign asking users to submit their information for a fake vacancy in the studio. In addition to the superhero game, Crystal Dynamics is also in charge of the popular Tomb Raider franchise; because their video games are considerably successful, experts believe the company becomes a constant target of threat actors. 

It has recently been reported to detect multiple scams that, while not generating million-dollar losses, are constantly presented to users. An example of this is the popular video game Fall Guys, whose developers had to warn about a fake mobile version that was only intended to deceive interested users.

In its security alert, the company mentions that attackers are using a phishing campaign in which they pretended to be Crystal Dynamics’ personnel, offering people jobs that don’t actually exist. Scammers ask people interested in this fraudulent offer to install apps like Telegram to arrange a job interview.

In fact, what criminals are looking for is for users to share their confidential information, including full names, email addresses, phone numbers and even financial information and social security numbers.

Through a tweet, the company shared a link to a Federal Trade Commission (FTC) website where users can find all the information needed to prevent these scams. It should be remembered that criminals often usurp the image of popular companies like Netflix or Amazon to deceive users. With the right information, scammers can access things like people’s bank accounts. To avoid these risks, people need to know who they are giving their information to and protect their accounts through multi-factor authentication methods.