Real Madrid’s social media accounts were hacked

The social media accounts of the world’s leading sports clubs are a frequent target of threat actors and even overly curious users with little hacking knowledge, demonstrating how easily such a platform can be accessed.

This time, the victim is Real Madrid, probably the most important football club in the world, which suffered the hacking of its official social media accounts, attracting the attention of its millions of followers.

Prior to their match against Italian club Atalanta for the Champions League on Tuesday, Real Madrid’s official Twitter account announced the downing of Brazilian striker Rodrygo due to an alleged right leg injury, which represented a serious setback to the aspirations of the Spanish team, recently affected by constant injuries.

However, moments before the match began, the young Brazilian player was seen training along with the rest of the team as normal, so it was clear that the report posted via Twitter was in error. Soon after, the club confirmed that its account on this platform had been hacked, so it asked its followers to ignore previously published information.

More details about the incident are currently ignored, including the group responsible for the cyberattack or its intentions. Moreover, even though this is a successful attack, this seems like a closed case for the club and its press and media area, as no reports have been issued since the last statement.

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