Honeywell IT systems and networks suffered a malware attack

Honeywell industrial company security teams disclosed that parts of its IT infrastructure were affected by a recently detected malware attack and limited to a small number of systems.

Although the investigation is still ongoing, company representatives rule out that threat actors have accessed data stored on affected systems, although in their statement they make it clear that this is always a possibility when such incidents are recorded.

In its message, the company mentions: “The evidence detected so far suggests that the incident may not have a material impact on our systems; However, we take steps to contain the risks immediately after detecting the incident, for which we have counted on the collaboration of Microsoft specialists. Our systems have already been secured and unauthorized access was shut down.”

The attack has already been notified to the relevant authorities, and Honeywell’s most recent update mentions that the affected systems have already been restored. Although the cybersecurity community believes this incident could involve attacking a ransomware operation, the company did not confirm these rumors.

This is not the only newly detected similar incident. Just a few hours ago the security teams of Internet of Things (IoT) technology provider Sierra Wireless confirmed that it had to disrupt some of its systems due to a ransomware infection. Sierra Wireless provides IoT technology to all kinds of public and private organizations, mainly for industrial environments.

Other companies recently affected by malware infections that resulted in disruption of their operations include beverage conglomerate Molson Coors and packaging giant WestRock, although not all affected companies have confirmed a ransomware infection.

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