Bose confirms data breach due to ransomware attack; information from thousands of employees leaked

A representative of audio equipment manufacturer Bose Corporation unveiled a data breach resulting from a ransomware attack that compromised the company’s computer systems a couple of months ago. The representative filed a notification of security incidents with the New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office in compliance with local law.

The company is already in collaboration with cybersecurity specialists to complete the process of restoring affected systems, and they also work with a digital forensic team to determine whether threat actors have managed to access sensitive information.

On the other hand Joanne Berthiaume, director of public relations at Bose, says the company will not pay any ransom: “We are in the process of retrieving the information committed to advising cybersecurity specialists with extensive experience in cases like this,” Berthiaume says.

In a later update, Bose confirmed that some employee information may have been affected: “We have identified that information from a small group of people was compromised, so our legal team will provide advice to those affected. We will continue to focus on providing our customers and employees with the best possible experience.”

Bose’s investigation identified the attack vector used by hackers, as well as concluding that current and former employee information was compromised: “Forensic analysis determined that the incident occurred in late April, when attackers accessed a small number of spreadsheets with administrative information from the last couple of years. These files stored information from old and current employees in Bose.” The company concludes by mentioning that no interruptions have been detected in its operations arising from this incident.

About the threat actors behind the attack, the company did not add further details, so data such as the malware variant used by the hackers or the amount of ransom demanded are unknown. The cybersecurity community has also not been able to find out more about the incident, as no information related to the Bose attack has appeared on some hacking forum at the moment. Cybersecurity experts will continue to monitor dark web platforms for any new information.

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