Indian city birth and death registration website hacked; 1.4 million fake certificates were issued

During an investigation related to the issuance of a fake death certificate, local authorities in India discovered that the official platforms of the city of Gurugram were hacked in order to issue fake birth and death certificates in what appears to be a scam that extends to the entire city.

It seems that as a result of the compromise of these systems, at least 14 false certificates were issued between February and June 2021. Of the false documents, 13 were from the Sohna block and one more from the Bhondsi block.

Local authorities mention that there is no information available on the issuance of these certificates on the local department’s systems. As a security measure, the authorities changed the access credentials to the affected systems: “We notified all the corresponding authorities about this cyberattack, in addition to filing the relevant criminal complaint,” local government officials say.

In a related report, local authorities detected a multi-level scam this week after a group of individuals tried to claim the money from Dr Prashant Bhalla, director of the Manav Rachna education centre. Local police mention that the alleged criminals tried to hack the credentials to enter the registration system and then stole the QR codes of the death certificates issued in recent months to modify the data in these documents. .

Many usurers experienced the consequences of this fraud after visiting service centers and discovering the fraud of their QR codes. Authorities will continue to investigate the incident, hoping to find all members of the fraud network.

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