Hackers break into Iran’s famous prison and leaks CCTV footage for tortures

This weekend, the Iranian hacktivism group known as Tapandegan publicly revealed some video samples taken from Tehran’s Evin prison. According to the members of Tapandegan, in these videos you can see how the prison authorities keep multiple political prisoners, who suffer severe violations of their human rights. 

In a statement, the activists condemned the violence and injustices suffered by political prisoners, most of them dissidents to Iran’s government. The hackers also claimed they have access to sensitive prison information.

In one of these videos, a prisoner can be seen fainting, while the guards drag him back to his cell.

The statement adds that this is a method of protest against Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and his stance on the june 18 presidential election. Hackers claim that this is not the only attack incident, as more reprisals will come against the current regime.

Reports indicate that this hacking group has been involved in several high-profile incidents over the past three years. According to a 2018 report, the group managed to compromise Mashhad international airport systems to post anti-system messages on monitors throughout the facility. Airport authorities had to shut down all their computer systems to stop the intrusion completely. 

In a subsequent incident, the hacktivist group claimed responsibility for an attack on the Iranian regime’s official media company, as well as compromising police networks in various locations.  

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