Ransomware group hacks telecom analytics firm Subex and its cybersecurity subsidiary, Sectrio

Operators of the RagnarLocker ransomware claim to have successfully compromised the systems of telecom analytics firm Subex, including its cybersecurity subsidiary Sectrio. On its dark web platform for information leaks, the group posted an .onion link that supposedly redirects users to compromised information.

According to the report, the hackers managed to access multiple information systems, including firewall settings, routers and VPNs, as well as company passwords and employee personal documents.

Cybersecurity specialists report that ransomware operators may be trying to ridicule the company, evidencing its apparent security flaws. On its website, the company claims to have the best network security solutions, with a proactive approach and that addresses various attack vectors and potential threats.

The affected companies have received multiple requests for information, although so far they have not commented on it.

This isn’t the only attack recently linked to RagnarLocker. In September 2021, the group threatened to leak the information of all victims of active attacks, should the affected organizations ask for help from the current authorities. In this way, the threat actors sought to force the victims to make the ransom payments.

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