Big Israeli postal company mail boxes hacked to display “Down with Israel” messages on mail box monitors

In one unusual incident, screens in the Israeli Postal Company’s collection and distribution areas were synchronized to play a video showing only the phrase “DOWN WITH ISRAEL”, in what appears to be a cyberattack orchestrated by some group opposed to Israel’s government.

Some users of the email system posted on social networks a video that demonstrates the veracity of the incident, which took users and employees of the company by surprise.

Via Twitter, an alleged employee of the company also confirmed the incident, assuring that the cybersecurity teams of Israeli Post Company fear that this is a case of cyberattack against the nation of Israel.

On the other hand, cybersecurity specialists mention that the inhabitants of Israel should take this incident in stride, since this seems to be only a minor intrusion, which is in fact possible for any hacker through the Shodan browser.

In this case, the attackers could have employed this search engine to access the affected system, exposed entirely online.

These are undoubtedly complex times and the threat of cyberwarfare is latent in virtually any part of the world. However, experts believe that this is an isolated incident that barely exceeds the limits of a joke, so there is nothing more to fear at least for the time being.

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