Where to get pictures for presentations securely

Many of us have a situation when we urgently need to make a demonstration. We are not talking about serious speeches at international conferences, which are usually prepared for many months. We mean usual presentations to colleagues, student work, or reports to the company’s management. When you are not a professional designer, and there is little time for preparation, the difficulty lies in the fact that you need to not only write a well-thought-out text but also choose high-quality images. Let’s find out where to get fascinating pictures for a presentation.

How to save images from Instagram 

This social network is known for its visual content more than any other web resource. The platform was originally created as a photo-sharing network, and millions of people upload their own photos there every day. Some of them are professional photographers and some are amateurs, but this does not change the fact that there is a huge selection of images for every taste. You can take advantage of this variety and download IG photos to use later in your demo.

If you think that saving photos is difficult, or you have to be content with screenshots, you are wrong. With the free service Inflact, this can be done very easily. Just go to the site to save Instagram pictures. First copy the link to the image you like. This resource works so simply that it is not even worth talking much about it. There is only one address bar where you need to insert a URL and a big pink “Download” button. In general, if you entrust this task to your grandmother, she will definitely cope.

Pictures from Instagram are suitable for a small presentation in a circle of colleagues, for a family holiday, or a performance at school. You don’t even have to worry about copyright because you don’t intend to use these materials for commercial purposes. In addition, by downloading photos from public profiles, you do not violate the law, because the authors of these materials have actually made them available to a wide audience. However, there are situations when you need to resort to a paid image with an open license.

When to use photo stocks

Stock resources for photos and videos exist to share ideas and content. Their authors make money by taking some universal photographs that are suitable for many situations. If you are planning to perform at a large event where there will be a large audience, you need an image that can be used publicly. A photo from Instagram will not work here, because its author may be against such use. To avoid any problems, it is better to use one of the photo stocks with a free or paid license.

For example, Flickr – there are pictures for any occasion. If you require icons and symbols or pictures with transparent backgrounds for any topic, visit Pngmart, Imgpng, Pngicon and Pngtree. They are suitable for the beautiful design of lists, tables, diagrams. Such photos will perfectly complement the slides, where you need to show a separate object without too much in the frame.

For the background, pictures with muted colors and no accents are suitable. There are plenty of them on Unsplash, Pexels and Freestocks. If the situation allows jokes, and you have a good sense of humor, add memes and funny pictures. You can search on Pinterest and on Pixabay, on paid Shutterstock and Depositphotos. There is also something in the Istockphoto library. You can find presentation templates at Slidesmania and SlidesCarnival. And there is not only a simple design but also quite original options.

In most cases, all pictures for presentations can be downloaded for free and used for personal purposes. That is, calmly insert them into projects that do not sell any goods and services. But in general, it is better to choose resources whose content is allowed for commercial use. In order not to infringe copyright, it is better to check the license for each image. An important point: permission to use does not mean that you can do without attribution or a link to the source.