Bridgestone, the world’s largest tire manufacturer, suffers a major cyberattack on its plants in North America and Latin America

A security report says Bridgestone Americas has had to temporarily disconnect some of its manufacturing facilities after it detected what appears to be a massive cyberattack on Sunday morning. The company mentions that at the moment it is not possible to determine the scope of the incident but that all the necessary measures will continue to be taken.

Bridgestone Corporation, parent company, is a Japanese multinational and has established itself as the largest tire manufacturer worldwide, while Bridgestone Americas is a set of more than 50 production facilities, employing around 55,000 people in Canada, Central America, Latin America and the Caribbean.

In its message, the auto industry giant mentions that the incident was detected during Sunday morning, so its security teams had to initiate an emergency investigation to collect all possible information about the failures, in addition to working for the protection of other computer systems.

Some of the measures implemented by Bridgestone include the interruption of some work at its tire manufacturing and repair facilities in North America and some branches in Latin America, in an attempt to contain security threats.

The investigation is still ongoing, so the company cannot yet issue new information about the scope of the attack or the time it will take to restore regular activities, although they assure that they will continue working to contain the threat and ensure the integrity of the systems that store the information of employees, customers and partners.

At the moment there is no information about the nature of the cyberattack, although cybersecurity specialists theorize that the interruptions in the work plants could be due to a ransomware attack. The company is expected to issue an update on the incident as soon as the investigation is complete.

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