‘Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero’ won’t be released in theaters after Toei Animation hack

A few days ago the hack against the Japanese animation giant Toei Animation was confirmed, which has generated uncertainty among creators, investors and other members of the anime and manga industry. Apparently, the company detected the incident on March 6, experiencing the shutdown of some servers and the loss of some records related to works in broadcast or development.

More details about the attack are unknown at the moment, although the company has already begun to announce the consequences of the incident. The main consequence of the attack is the delays in some animations in broadcast, although it highlights the indefinite delay that at the moment faces ‘Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero’, the new film of the popular franchise.

In a recent post, the animation studio apologized to its fans and confirmed that the release of the long-awaited film will be suspended indefinitely. The new adventure of Goku was planned for its premiere in Japan on April 22, arriving in western cinemas a couple of months later.

Other popular anime works that have been affected are ‘One Piece’ and ‘Dragon Quest: Adventure of Dai’, whose broadcasts on television and streaming services will be paused for at least three weeks. Television networks will have to occupy these spaces with repetitions of previous episodes.

Cheerleading houses in Japan have faced a couple of tumultuous days. In addition to this cybersecurity incident, the strong earthquake that hit the Japanese archipelago has left the entire territory in a state of alert. The natural phenomenon caused disruptions in public services and forced the temporary closure of some businesses, including animation studios, publishing houses and other entertainment areas.

Works such as Shinobu Ohtaka’s ‘Orient’ were removed from TV to follow up on coverage of the earthquake and tsunami warnings, although the broadcast is expected to return to normal in the coming days. The incident also affected the simulcast on Crunchyroll, a streaming platform especially dedicated to Asian animation.

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