Major Russian law firm is hacked; terabytes of stolen data

Anonymous hackers have claimed responsibility for a new cyberattack targeting a Russian organization. This time, the hacktivist collective claims to have stolen around 1 TB of information belonging to the important law firm Rustam Kurmaev and Partners (RKP Law). This announcement was disclosed just a couple of days after the group leaked information contained on Vyberi Radio’s servers.

Through two Twitter accounts identified as @DepaixPorteur and @B00daMooda, the attackers announced the leak of data belonging to RKP Law: “We have hacked RKPLaw (rkplawru) and leaked 1 TB of files, emails, court files, client files, backups and more. They have a very large and interesting customer list that I will post in the comments,” one of the tweets states.

Twitter accounts @YourAnonNews and @YourAnonTV, recognized as Anonymous’ official communication channels also reported the incident.

On the other hand, the journalist and co-founder of the non-profit initiative Distributed Denial of Secrets (DDoSecrets), Emma Best, confirmed that the information allegedly extracted from this legal firm would be available on DDoSecrets.

DDoSecrets reaffirmed the version of the alleged Anonymous hackers about the incident, stating that the leak of this data could critically impact the company, considering that much of their work has to do with important litigation at the national level and involving powerful industrial and government actors.  

Considering these reports, cybersecurity specialists believe it is right to take this incident as part of #OpRussia, a cyberwarfare campaign against Russia deployed by members of Anonymous in retaliation for the military invasion of Ukrainian territory.

A prestigious firm

RKP Law specializes in handling legal disputes in the real estate, construction, and commercial sectors. This law firm also resolves disputes related to the criminal defense of companies and creates systematic defense strategies for corporate managers and senior management at the various stages of criminal proceedings, in addition to collaborating on anti-corruption issues in Russia.

RKP Law’s main clients include Volkswagen Group Russia, Ikea, Toyota, Jones Lang LaSalle, Mechel PJSC, ChTPZ PJSC, Abbott Laboratories, Baker Hughes, ING Bank, Yamaha Motor, Caterpillar, Panasonic, Mars, Gilette, 2×2 Channel, VimpelCom, Citibank and Sberbank.

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