How criminals are hacking key fobs to quickly and quietly steal cars

High-tech criminals are increasingly targeting push-start automobiles by hacking into key fobs, leaving many New Orleans car owners stranded according to WSDU news.

The thief first waves a relay box at the victim’s house, which enhances the vehicle key signal in the house to another device held by the second criminal waiting beside the car. The vehicle then detects the key and unlocks the door. The burglar may get into the automobile, hit the start button, and drive away.

It may happen in less than two minutes. One upscale family claims it occurred to them.

“I don’t want to say that’s life, but it’s a harsh reality for New Orleans residents.”

Bryce Crier stated. “Nowhere is secure for you.”

Crier was overjoyed that his son had returned from LSU, but this reunion wasn’t the ideal graduation surprise.

“I said, ‘Hey, your car is missing,'” Crier explained. “He replied, ‘Dad, stop laughing,’ and I answered, ‘No kid, your automobile isn’t here.'”

The burglars can be seen backing up to the home and leaving with the car on the neighbor’s CCTV camera.

“It took them less than 2 minutes to scan it with a scanner, get in the car, and drive it away, and I was absolutely horrified,” Crier recalled.

“As technology evolves with anti-theft devices, so does the technology available to thieves,” said PJ Breaux of Pop-A-Lock New Orleans.

Normally, the automobile wouldn’t run without a key, but Breaux claims the technology fooled the car.

“The equipment that they’re using is basically copying the signal from the key, so when it’s in the car, the vehicle thinks it’s the appropriate key,” Breaux explained.

Stolen automobiles are nothing new in New Orleans, but we’ve already had about 1.900 stolen this year. It was slightly more than 1,800 last year at this time. Carjackings have increased this year to 190, leaving the Crier family thankful despite the fact that their son is now without a car.

“My wife and I can purchase another automobile,” Crier stated. “We can’t have another son.” I’m delighted armed robbery wasn’t an issue. That is the one blessing, other than that, we shall be nothing. I’m just tired of crime.”

There are certain things you can do to assist prevent this.

Experts recommend buying a steering wheel lock or a parking lock, which is akin to a tire boot.
Keep your keys away from the door. A signal-blocking bag is yet another item that can prevent a hacker from connecting with your key fob. It would keep someone from cloning your key fob if it was in your pocket, wallet, on your person, or inside your home. If your automobile is stolen, authorities urge that you report it promptly to assist maximize the chances of its recovery.