Russian hacker group Killnet launches USA OFFLINE: F**K NATO campaign to hack all governments websites 

Over the next three days, Killnet hacking group intends to cause chaos on official US websites. State and federal websites are listed among the targets in a tweet with screenshots of the activity, which is headlined “USA OFFLINE: F**K NATO.” The hackers have specified in detail how they want to interfere with the services on each of the websites.

The Russian hacker group Killnet, which has previously targeted the internet infrastructure of numerous Western nations this year, disclosed the intentions on Telegram.

The purpose of Killnet is to hold Western leaders accountable for their anti-Russian stance and make Europeans pay for their unwavering backing of Ukraine.
Their most well-known assault occurred in May at the Eurovision song contest, when they were prevented from participating because of Putin’s unlawful war in Ukraine.

The hacking gang attempted a DDoS assault in reaction to the ban, which Italian officials stopped, but they still faced backlash.

It happens after a potential cyber assault caused MI5’s portal to go down for a portion of Friday.

It’s likely that a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) assault targeted the website.

It is known that no critical data was stored on the website or related to it, and no data was stolen. Although it hasn’t been confirmed, Anonymous Russia, a gang of allegedly pro-Russian hackers, has purportedly claimed responsibility for the attack.