Ransomware attack stalls operations of big mining company

The CMMC is owned by Mitsubishi Materials Corporation. It generates an average of 100 million pounds of copper per year and has an anticipated mineral reserve capacity for another 32 years. The Canadian Copper Mountain Mining Corporation (CMMC), which is located in British Columbia, recently made an announcement stating that it was the subject of a ransomware attack, which caused disruptions to its operations.

Late in the day on December 27, 2022, a malicious cyberattack was launched against the corporation. In a prompt manner, the company’s information technology staff reacted by putting in place the planned risk management systems and processes.

CMMC made measures to control the situation by isolating the affected systems and shutting down other components so that they could be properly examined and the effect of the ransomware attack determined.

In order for the engineers at CMMC to investigate the condition of the mill’s control system, the mill had to be shut down as a precautionary step. In the meanwhile, other processes had to convert to manual operations.