Most dangerous spanish hacker arrested because of his stupidity

The Spanish police have said that they have been successful in locating the notorious hacker known as Alcasec. Alcasec is suspected of being a cybercriminal who launched attacks on the systems of the Spanish Court and other organizations in 2022. After these operations, the attacker was successful in acquiring useful information about a significant portion of the population.

It was in November of the previous year that the investigators found out about the hack on the computer systems of the CGPJ via the judicial authorities. Here is where everything got started. Access to the various departments and agencies that make up the General State Administration were hacked through the Judicial network.

Several state institutions, including the State Tax Administration Agency, were compromised as a result of the significant infiltration. Personal information, account numbers, and bank balances, together with other sensitive notes, were among the sensitive information that became public as a direct result of one of the repercussions.

The information that was stolen by the hacker was uploaded to two servers that were located in Lithuania. After that, they started selling the personal information of a large number of victims by using the platform known as uSms. 

The arrested individual is also the creator of a site that he called Udyat, which means “The Eye of Horus.” The name alludes to a connection between this ancient Egyptian sign and the capability of this computer architecture to access private and confidential information. It was discovered by the Spanish authorities that he had bragged about his access to information from 90% of Spanish individuals in an interview that was posted on YouTube.

According to the evidence presented by the National Police, the inmate would have used these unlawful incursions as a means to establish a database aimed as a service for consulting and selling illicit information. This information was sold to third parties.

Even though he is just 19 years old, he is recognized as a specialist in the field of cryptocurrency as well as the hiding of cash. Because of his very high status, he was seen as a significant risk to the country’s national security. All of this is a direct result of the scope of his attacks and the sensitive material he worked with.

Alcasec lived an extravagant lifestyle that was unfit for someone of his age and was completely unjustifiable. On the other hand, they are not insignificant statistics, and there is no work activity. When his lavish lifestyle became public knowledge, people learned that he took pricey vacations, shopped at upscale boutiques and brands, dined at upscale restaurants, and even operated a luxury automobile.

A significant portion of the illegal profits he made came from a convoluted scheme that included the concealment of money via the use of bitcoin mixing-mixing businesses. Because of this, tracking was made more difficult since the connection between the cash and the receiver was severed. The authorities who were tasked with tracking him down are well aware that the young guy posed a significant risk to the nation’s security as a result of the enormity of the hacks that he carried out as well as the vast quantity of sensitive personal data that he was in possession of.

The teenage cybercriminal who was behind these actions was tracked down by investigators who specialize in the examination of cyberthreats working for the General Information Commissioner. It was 19-year-old José Luis H., also known by his moniker, Alcasec. He had a great deal of expertise in the realm of cybercrime.

The investigation that was successful was carried out with the assistance of agents from the General Information Commissioner’s Office.

Over the course of the operation, the detainee’s place of residence as well as their address were investigated. The agents have interfered at these residences, resulting in the recovery of a significant sum of cash as well as several documents, effects, and computer equipment. The investigators are looking at every aspect of the case. In addition to that, a motorbike and a luxury automobile have also been involved in the intervention.