Hackers gain access to gas pump in Detroit, steal 600 gallons

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Gas robbery at Marathon’s station.

Two thieves used a remote device to hack the system of a gas pump, thus they managed to extract more than 600 gallons from the compromised station, as reported by pentest experts from the International Institute of Cyber Security.

According to police reports, the hackers gained control of the gas pump at a Marathon company station at the intersection of 7 Mile and Southfield, Detroit, around 13:00 on last June 23. Following pentest specialists’ reports, given that the fuel flowed carelessly, the drivers stopped for approximately 90 minutes to fill their tanks in the intervened pump.

The police said that the device the men had used served to remove control of the bomb to the managers without being noticed. The bomb security cameras were still running at the time of the robbery.

It is unknown whether the drivers who filled their tanks during this attack paid those who hacked the pump or if they got free gas.

The Detroit policemen are still looking for the perpetrators of the robbery.

According to pentest experts, hacking fuel pumps is a risky practice given the instability of the material that is being pumped out.