EU asks allies to boycott chinese companies

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The American Government is concerned about its information security

According to reports of specialists in digital forensics from the International Institute of Cyber Security, the US government has urged its allies to stop using any telecommunications device developed by Huawei, as they consider that the Chinese company poses a threat to the security of its information and telecommunications.

Sources close to the problem report that US officials are pressuring countries that host American military bases to prohibit the use of Huawei equipment on their wireless networks and Internet.

The United States Army uses secure networks for its communications involving the most sensitive information, but the authorities have been worried, as much of its traffic is still shifted through commercial networks in countries like Germany, Italy and Japan, reported the digital forensics specialists. US officials have repeatedly met with government representatives and telecom executives in other countries, inviting them to stop using Huawei products on their networks, whether for commercial or government use.

The US authorities believe that Huawei devices are more prone to cyberattacks, and that they could allow the Chinese government to spy on communications or disable the Internet of Things (IoT) connections.

An American official, who has requested to remain anonymous, stated: “We are continually collaborating with countries around the world to establish guidelines on cyberthreats against our telecommunications structures. The information security landscape becomes more complex with the transition to 5G technology, which is being carried out by multiple governments.”

On the other hand, Huawei has stated that its equipment is used by customers in about 200 countries; in addition, 46 out of the 50 largest telecom companies in the world have implemented the use of Huawei devices, so it cannot be considered an untrustworthy company.

“At Huawei we were surprised by the posture that the US government has taken. The US is trying to extend this stance beyond its jurisdiction, which we consider reprehensible. Huawei firmly believes that our partners and customers will make the right decision based on their own judgment and on the company’s background,” a spokesperson recently mentioned.

US intelligence officials have expressed concern about the safety of products manufactured by Huawei, in addition to ZTE, another Chinese company. According to specialists in digital forensics, last August the Pentagon ordered stores in their military bases to stop selling the products developed by these two companies, mainly smartphones, as they consider threats to American cybersecurity.

Some other EU-allied countries have already taken steps to cut Huawei’s involvement in their infrastructures. Last August, Huawei announced that the Australian Government had banned its participation in the bidding for the implementation of 5G technology in its telecommunications infrastructure.

This situation is present in the midst of a conflict between China and the United States, as each country has imposed tariff rates on the other’s products. The presidents of both countries will meet soon.