European Union diplomatic communications got hacked

A group of cybercriminals successfully intervened in European Union’s diplomatic communications for about three years

According to specialists in digital forensics from the International Institute of Cyber Security, thousands of messages from European diplomats dealing with issues relating to topics such as American President Donald Trump and world trade were intercepted by a group of hackers for a period close to three years.

This security breach was reported by a European-based cybersecurity firm and subsequently confirmed by the European Union. According to European officials, any information classified as confidential/secret has not been affected by this incident.

“We have over than a decade of experience in combating the cyberattack campaigns originated in China as antecedent, so we consider that there is no doubt about the involvement of the Chinese government in this espionage campaign against our officials”, mentions the European Union press release.

According to experts in cybersecurity, among the intercepted messages, known as diplomatic cables, a conversation was revealed in which European diplomats describe the meeting between Presidents Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin as “a successful meeting ( At least for the Russian president)”.

In another series of messages, a private meeting was narrated in detail between the head of the Chinese government Xi Jinping and various European Union officials, held in early 2018. “China will not be subjected to intimidation by the United States, even if a trade war affects both parties,” it is mentioned in one of the messages.

Xi Jinping recently delivered a speech reaffirming the position he expressed to European officials; “No one can tell China what its citizens should or should not do,” the president concluded.

According to reports of cybersecurity specialists, other international institutions (such as the United Nations) could also have been affected by the security incident, so they have already been notified.