Google Nest has a built-in microphone and users did not know

The company failed to mention that its home security system has an integrated microphone

Network security and ethical hacking specialists from the International Institute of Cyber Security report a new blow against the privacy of technology users. According to the reports, Nest Secure, the home security system of Google, has an integrated microphone that the company “forgot” to mention its users.

Between the end of January and the beginning of February, Google launched an update for Nest Secure that, in a nutshell, turned this device into a new Google Assistant, thus activating the microphone that the device included in its factory design.

“We included a microphone in the Nest Guard to enable features similar to those of Google Assistant. The microphone has not been used by Google until now, and users can enable or disable it at any time using the Nest mobile app”, posted the Nest account on Twitter.

After receiving questions from some network security experts, Google spoke about the incident. “We never intended to keep the microphone installed in the Google Nest secret; it was our mistake not to mention it in the product specifications. We want to assure users that this microphone has not been turned on so far, and can only be used if the user decides to activate it,” the company added.

For network security specialists, the Google statement does nothing to repair the damage done; just as our online activity is monitored and analyzed without our consent, Google tries to do the same with the home routines of device users like Google Nest.

In addition to the built-in microphone, the Nest Secure system has a series of sensors, a hub and a keypad for entering security codes. The official website of the product already mentions the presence of the microphone, describing as part of the “Google Assistant incorporated in Nest Secure”.