What will happen to WikiLeaks? Julian Assange will be expelled from Ecuador Embassy in the next few hours

According to the authors of ‘Learn ethical hacking‘, the fugitive programmer Julian Assange will be expelled from the Embassy of Ecuador in London in the next few hours, as declared by ‘a high-level source’.

Assange, founder of WikiLeaks, has been living in the embassy since the year 2012, after the Swedish authorities tried to interrogate him for allegations of sexual assault against him. Through WikiLeaks’ Twitter account it was published:  “A high-level source has confirmed the plan to expel Julian Assange from the Ecuadorian Embassy within the next few hours (perhaps days), due to the existence of an agreement between the British government and Ecuadorian governments”.

With regard to these reports, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ecuador has only mentioned that they will not comment on rumors, theories or assumptions without backing”, noting also that the rumors about Assange’s situation have been circulating for years.

On the other hand, the Minister for Foreign Affairs of the United Kingdom has mentioned on several occasions that Assange is free to leave the embassy of Ecuador if he desires so: “Julian Assange is free to leave the embassy when he wants to; we hope that this situation will be resolved as soon as possible”.

Assange, as reported by the authors of ‘Learn ethical hacking’, is sought by U.S. authorities for their involvement in the leaking of classified documents from multiple institutions and governments. At the beginning of 2019, Assange took legal action against the American government to protect him against an eventual extradition attempt.

WikiLeaks’ managers posted on Twitter: “It will be a tragic day for democracy if the governments of the United Kingdom and Ecuador intend to act in complicity with the administration of Donald Trump to prosecute someone who has only published real information”.

On the other hand, according to the authors of ‘Learn ethical hacking’, Lenin Moreno, president of Ecuador, has stated on various occasions that Julian Assange has repeatedly violated some of the conditions established for his asylum. Allegedly, the government of Ecuador forbade Assange to intervene in the politics of other countries, especially the countries close ideologically to the Ecuadorian government.

Lenin Moreno concluded his statement by mentioning that “Ecuador’s duty is to ensure the integrity of Mr. Assange, even though he has broken our agreement.”