Huawei will not be able to use microSD memory cards in its future designs

In recent days companies like Panasonic and ARM have joined Google in their decision to break relationships with Chinese technology manufacturer Huawei after the executive order of the administration of Donald Trump, which, according to information security audit specialists could represent a serious blow against the company’s business plans. 

Now, the SD Association, a commercial group that sets the standards to use on SD and microSD cards, has decided that Huawei will not be able to use microSD cards in their next smartphone models.

The Association has just informed its decision to remove the Chinese company from the authorized Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) list to use these storage cards.

This decision does not impact users of existing Huawei smartphones, noted the information security audit specialists. SD and microSD cards will keep functioning as before; instead, the measure will begin to be effective for the company’s future designs.

Huawei has also entered the black list of the WiFi Alliance, an organization that defines the standards to be implemented in devices with WiFi connection capabilities (smartphones, computer equipment, IoT devices, etc. adhere to these standards). “After knowing president Trump’s decision, we have decided to temporarily restrict Huawei from the list of companies backed up for the use of our standards,” as mentioned by the WiFi Alliance statement.

Information security audit experts from the International Institute of Cyber Security (IICS) consider this decision to mean a severe blow to the Chinese company, although apparently Huawei has been preparing for this class of decisions for a while. The company has its own memory cards that can be implemented in its future developments; these cards are even smaller than a microSD.

Specialists in the subject have not stopped speculating about the future of the company, which is currently the second largest smartphone manufacturer selling devices worldwide; moreover, the plans that other companies, such as Microsoft, have in this regard, are still unknown. It is believed that the company could stop launching Windows operating system upgrades for Huawei-designed laptops, although an official stance is not yet known.