The MeshTalk network allows you to talk to your friends without WiFi or Bluetooth

Oppo MeshTalk is a recently announced device that has surprised the world. According to information security services specialists, this is the first smartphone that allows the user to chat and make calls without the need for mobile data, Bluetooth or WiFi connection. How is this possible?

The prototype was presented at MWC 2019 in Shanghai. At the event, the developers stated that communication between the company’s devices using this technology does not require servers, which strengthens users’ privacy.

Oppo-branded devices, in addition to having an integrated camera under the screen, feature MeshTalk technology, which allows users to communicate without any connection within a radius of 3 kilometers.

The company claims that the smartphone has a 72-hour battery in standby mode and will be very useful especially in emergency situations where the user requires remaining communicated and does not have sufficient battery or when the mobile networks are saturated.

According to information security services specialists, MeshTalk technology uses a custom chip that leverages decentralization, faster speed, and lower power consumption. As they indicate, the user’s privacy experience also experiences incredible improvements thanks to the no one depends on a server or a base station like the rest of the communication alternatives currently available, such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or conventional telephone callings. In addition, you can create a local area network (LAN) with multiple devices to create group chats and extend the range of communication among other users.

The device is still in development stage and the manufacturer company has not provided further details on the release date of the final version of Oppo MeshTalk. In addition, information security services specialists mention that it is highly likely that current Oppo devices cannot be optimized for the use of MeshTalk technology, so only the company’s upcoming releases will count with these functions pre-installed.