How to Check if your Mobile phone is hacked or not?

Mobile has become more important part of our life. No one can live without there mobile devices. Users spend most of the time on their mobile and this is the why users want to safeguard from cell phone hacks. Now days users don’t just use mobiles for calling. Rather than they use mobiles for downloading applications, save their personal data, Click photos, Uses social media accounts on their smartphones, play games & various tasks. It is estimated that mobile users are to pass the five billion in 2019.

We will show some tips to check if mobile phone is hacked or not, so you can check your mobile security without mobile security app. There are various reasons that mobile could be hacked. According to ethical hacking researcher of international institute of cyber security most mobile users don’t realize until they are hacked.



  • Android & IOS Application Manager/ Installed Applications
  • Android & IOS File Manager Logs
  • Never Click on Unknown Links
  • Regular Updates of System/ Applications
  • Using Open Wifi Networks

Methods To Check :-

Android & IOS Application Manager/ Installed Applications –

  • This is important part of every mobile where users can see what is installed in their mobile. Either it is IOS or it is ANDROID. Users should aware what applications they have installed.
  • Application Manager shows each & every application installed on mobile phones. It even shows the pre-installed applications which came with the mobile.
  • Above screenshot shows how application manager shows installed applications on your mobile. It could an Android or IOS.
  • If you recognise any unknown application, uninstall the application immediately.

Android & IOS File Manager Logs –

  • Another ways to check if your mobile is affected. You can go through files mangers. In where file managers you can see each & every files. Sometimes if application doesn’t show on your home screen or application manager.
  • You can check files managers for logs. Most applications create log files for storing local information on mobiles.
  • If there is any file, you found suspicious. Delete the file. You will notice unknown folders in file managers which are usually created by applications which are installed on your mobiles.
  • IOS doesn’t come with file manager which shows all files. Except in recent updates you have seen file manager which only shows the photos.
  • You can use third party files manger from Apple Appstore. Some Popular IOS file managers.
    • Documents –
    • FileApp –
    • File Hub Pro –
    • File Manager & Browser –
  • If you find anything suspicious in your mobile. You can use any of the above listed file managers & you can search throughout every folder. If there is any unknown file. You should consider deleting that file.
  • If you accidentally delete any application file. Don’t get panic, file will create automatically. Application settings will be restored back to default as the ethical hacking researcher of International Institute of cyber Security.
  • You can also open logs from any folder. Every application creates logs in their own directory. For Ex- Below you can see list of logs. Some logs might not open properly. But You can view basic information that what exactly logs are containing.

Never Click on Unknown Links –

  • Most popular trick to spread malicious files or creating buzz among users. By sending attractive discounts using popular Ecommerce portals names but with an unverified/ unknown links.
  • Social engineering is an trick where you can trick victim to open malicious links. By making such links attractive & writing something which makes user to click on that links.
  • Above you can see some unknown messages with links. Users should never click on such links. If you accidentally click on this they might gather information & can use them as digital footprints to follow you.
  • If you accidentally click on this link. Such links takes time for opening. At that time you should immediately click on cross market in below image for closing the link.
  • Sometimes links open very fast. Click on cross. Open Mobile web browser Settings < Privacy Settings < click on Clear Cache and Clear Cookies of the browser. This will stop link from gathering information of mobile device & browser.
  • Mobile Web Browser settings are mostly same in every OS – Android or IOS.
  • Another way, you can check the link by using Online URL Scanner. For ex – use Safely copy the link & paste in virustotal URL scanner.

Regular Updates of System/ Applications –

  • System Updates/ Application Updates an important part for every mobile. Regular updates not only safe users from mobile but also enhance mobile performance.
  • Many users love use their phone. But they don’t want to update their mobile as it takes time. You should always considering your mobile from update.
  • Update all your applications from play store & App Store. Updating adds new features to your mobile as well as updates security patches.
  • Using older version of applications makes your mobile vulnerable. And becomes easy to find vulnerabilities for attackers.

Using Open Wifi Networks :-

  • Most people uses public or open Wifi networks which is the most unsafe place networks. Usually many users uses social media accounts, banking applications & many other money transfer applications. Using such applications on public networks is risky. Because you don’t know who is snooping your wifi network.
  • Don’t use such applications on public wifi. Might be attacker is snooping the wifi network. And attacker could use session hijacking methods for breaking into your mobile.
  • Use strong password policies (Easy to Remember Hard to Guess) of your social media/ banking accounts. Never leave your mobile unattended in offices, restaurants, cafes or any public spaces.
  • Must use screen lock, it gives an added protection to your mobile. If attacker has physical access of your mobile, it might take time to break into your phone.
  • Every OS saves the wifi network information in their mobile. For ex – in Xiaomi – Redmin Note 4. You can see the saved Wifi Networks in Wifi advanced networks < Manage Saved Networks.
  • If you found anything suspicious in your mobile. You can check the list of saved networks. That from what Wifi network you have connected. For security reasons we have blur the names.
  • If any attacker is snooping on public Wifi. Attacker can install third party application on users mobile without even knowing them. But this method needs good preparation. For getting remote access of any mobile device attackers also tries to hijack public Wifi networks.