New IP: China proposes changes to TCP/IP; Will the International Telecommunication Union change the way the Internet works?

The way the Internet works today could be about to change radically. Network security course experts mention that the Chinese government has submitted a project to the United Nations (UN); while implementing this project would help introduce advanced technologies, some experts believe that the Chinese government is only seeking to encourage its online authoritarian activities.

Huawei, the Asian telecommunications giant, in collaboration with the Ministry for Industry and Information Technology and China’s state-owned telecommunications companies, have presented the project to set a new standard for central network technology. Dubbed “New IP”, this project has generated negative attention among several European countries and the United States, as they believe that this system could collapse the existing global Internet, giving state-owned companies broad control over connections and their users’ activities. The project was submitted to the UN International Telecommunication Union (ITU).

The proposal already has Russia’s support, and it also seeks the support of the Arab countries: “We are about to witness the most important battle for the Internet”, says a UN representative who requested to remain anonymous.

For its part, Huawei asserts that some elements of this technology are already in development, although it did not disclose the name of the companies involved. Network security course specialists say the first tests could be carried out within a few months, in early 2021. The company argues that the current global communications standard, known as TCP/IP, is “unstable and insufficient” compared to current digital needs and new technologies, including smart cars, Internet of Things (IoT), holographic software development, among other implementations.

In their presentation, Chinese companies suggested ITU adopt a long-term vision and take responsibility for a comprehensive design of this new technology, in collaboration with network security course specialists. A Huawei spokesman stated, “New IP development is completely open to any researcher who wants to collaborate on the project,” so governments in the rest of the world should not fear for an alleged collapse of today’s Internet.

However, the International Institute of Cyber Security (IICS) believes that New IP may work in favor of the world’s authoritarian governments and its desire to control access to the Internet, as its development involves the implementation of sophisticated tracking tools, among other features, so this is a debate that is just beginning, although this project is expected to be incompatible with the West world.