This 8 years old girl found a way to bypass IPhone parental controls easily. Will Apple pay her bounty?

Despite parental surveillance, children are increasingly familiar with technology, information security awareness experts say. Apps like Facebook, YouTube and Internet search engines are very simple tools to use for any child, although some have an advantage.

There are some features that limit the time you use a device or app after a certain period of time. However, some children have managed to dodge these limitations imposed by their parents. This is the case of an eight-year-old girl, who managed to remove these restrictions on an iPhone.

The story was published on Reddit, information security awareness experts mention. A platform user narrated how his younger sister, using an iPhone 6 running iOS v12.4.6, managed to evade the “Screen Time” feature, enabled by his parents so that YouTube would become unavailable for a certain time.

However, the girl managed to find a simple solution, using the Apple iMessage app. All the girl had to do was enter the app store via iMessage and search for the YouTube app. From Appstore, the girl simply selected the “Open” option, which caused the Screen Time function to be exceeded.

The user described the situation as disconcerting and astonishing, as he never thought that his little sister could devise a way to circumvent the security mechanisms for using his smartphone. In addition, the user tested this workaround on his own iPhone X, with iOSv13.4.1 (which is a later version of the operating system), discovering that it was also possible to perform the trick on that system.

This is not the first occasion a similar case is revealed; a few months ago, information security awareness experts released the stories of multiple infants who managed to remove these kinds of restrictions and use their devices freely.

This is a sign of children’s analytical ability and application in the field of technology, although it is also a sign of the low commitment that technology companies have to child protection, mentions a representative of the non-profit organization Protect Young Eyes, who invites manufacturers to devise better child protection and safety measures.

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