How to generate a temporary burner Gmail ID to avoid spam?

Everyone agrees that spam is one of the most hated things by tech users. No matter how many times we empty the undesirable mail folder, it will be full again in a couple of hours later, the hard drive destruction service specialists mentioned.

There is really no way to avoid spam, although there are ways to deal effectively against this practice. Here’s how to create a disposable email address, which will significantly reduce the level of spam in your actual inbox. The best thing is that users won’t need to use unconventional tools, but you’ll only need to know a Gmail feature.

Google doesn’t have its own disposable email service, although Gmail users have the option to create a custom email address that can be discarded when it’s no longer needed. According to the specialists in hard drive destruction service, here are the steps to take to use this tool:

  • When prompted to enter your email into a service with which you would prefer not to share information, write it as usual, but add a specific label. The following example uses the tag “” (the sign ‘+’ is useful, but is not required). By enabling this feature, emails sent to that address will appear in your inbox along with everyone else, but with that specific tag at the end of the address, which will help get rid of spam more efficiently.
  • After adding this tag, users can set up a Gmail filter so that any message that includes this tag is automatically deleted. To do this, type the label used at the top of the inbox and click the arrow on the right side. Then, enter the label in the “From” section in the e-mail form and click “Create Filter”. 
  • On the next page, select the Delete check box and click Create Filter. This way you will no longer find tagged mail in your inbox, mentioned specialists in hard drive destruction service.

It should be mentioned that it is also possible to use disposable email addresses, which are tools external to Google; however, enabling Gmail filters is the most recommended option for users who simply want to get rid of inappropriate or useless advertising.