He bought chemical weapons of mass destruction on the dark web

As computer forensics specialists have previously mentioned, dark web forums have become a haven for all kinds of criminal cells, making it the ideal choice for those interested in purchasing an illegal product or service. Jason Siesser, an American citizen, acknowledged trying to buy chemical weaponry through web giving on at least a couple of occasions.

According to specialists, the chemical weapon the defendant was trying to buy could kill hundreds of people, depending on the amount used in a potential attack. Although the authorities removed the name of the chemist Siesser tried to acquire, sources close to the legal process mention that, from the explanation before the court, it is possible to conclude that the defendant tried to buy dimethylmercury, a highly toxic material.

Forensic computer specialists mention that while the defendant believed he had found a serious seller on dark web, most of those who claim to sell chemical weapons on this network are fraudsters or undercover agents.

On July 4, 2018, the defendant ordered two ten milliliter units of dimethylmercury from a dark web weapons seller. No conventional forum allows the sale of chemical weapons, but it is possible to find some types of poison for sale on onion sites. After completing the transaction on a hacking forum whose name was not disclosed, Siesser provided a shipping address to the seller; It should be noted that at the time of the purchase Siesser worked in an organization that housed minors with the permission of the state authorities. The shipping address used by the defendant was one of these minors.

Finally, officers from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), acting as the alleged vendors, sent a harmless substance to Siesser in a controlled manner. Shortly thereafter, the authorities executed a search warrant at the address. During the search, the officers found

  • The package received by Siesser
  • A discarded container containing the substance siesser believed to be dimethylmercury
  • 10 grams cadmium arseniide
  • 100 grams of metal cadmium
  • 500 ml of hydrochloric acid
  • Writings in which Siesser expressed his feeling about a recent break-up
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When questioned, Siesser acknowledged having purchased three vials of dimethylmercury on dark web for about $160 paid in Bitcoin, in addition to having used the identity of a minor during trading. According to forensic computer specialists, Siesser would have attempted to purchase this substance from an authorized chemical supplier, who canceled the transaction after verifying that the defendant was not licensed to handle this material. The defendant pleaded guilty and is awaiting his sentence.