One of the largest torrent websites was closed by the police; the owner is arrested

DanishBits, one of the world’s most important torrent tracking platforms, has been shut down by the Danish authorities. While some reports suggest that the owner of the website has been arrested and the website has ceased to operate completely, other versions mention that the authorities have not been able to take full control of the servers.

The website registered millions of visitors each month, becoming one of the most popular platforms of its kind, mainly in Denmark and other European territories. Everything changed just a few days ago, as the website suddenly stopped working, so rumors began to circulate about a police investigation and the possible arrest of the DanishBits owner.

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In an interview with the specialized platform TorrentFreak, an anonymous informant who claims to be part of the DanishBits staff confirmed the arrest, as well as confirming that the life of the platform came to an end: “It is with great pain that I inform you that we have reached the end of the DanishBits road.”

Finally, the informant also confirmed that user data stored by DanishBits is completely safe as it was protected with encryption. Still, the individual points out that the arrested man is the only one who has access to the platform’s servers, so no other staff member could do anything about the stored information: “All servers are protected with encryption, although the owner could still access the information and hand it over to the authorities, although this is simple speculation”, concludes the informant.

Given the conditions under which the website was closed, it is virtually impossible to manage the return of DanishBits. However, some staff members and torrent tracking forum users still keep hope that the platform can be enabled again.