UNC0VER 6.0.0: The jailbreak tool for the latest iPhone models

The developers of “unc0ver” announced that the popular jailbreak tool will now be available for iOS 14.3 and earlier systems, so it can now be used for any available iPhone model.

The developer of the tool, known in the community as Pwn0wnd, mentions that unc0ver v6.0.0 has multiple software updates for compatibility with iOS 14.3 and earlier. This release includes code for the exploitation of CVE-2021-1782, a vulnerability in Apple systems that has already been exploited by threat actors in the wild.

As users may recall, jailbreaking a mobile device with iOS operating system will allow them to bypass the restrictions implemented by the manufacturer, giving the user root access to the iOS file system and administrator. This technique is mainly used to be able to install third-party applications on these devices.

Although Apple acknowledges that CVE-2021-1782 active attacks have been detected, the company has not published technical details about this malicious campaign. On the other hand, the cybersecurity community mentions that this is a race condition issue that resides in the iOS operating system kernel.

Apple released a statement referred to these reports: “Installing a malicious application can lead to an escalation of privilege condition. We are aware of a report indicating that this problem may have been actively exploited.” Moreover, the jailbreak developer ensures that unc0ver can unlock any device running versions between iOS 11.0 and 14.3.

Zuk Avraham, a mobile security specialist, also shared the news of the launch of the jailbreak tool through his Twitter account, inviting Apple users to take full control of their devices. Still, you should not forget that the jailbreak application to your iPhone represents a violation of Apple’s current user policy, so this process invalidates any warranties or technical support provided by the tech firm.

Unc0ver developers are always active, releasing constant updates for their jailbreak tools. In May last year, this team released unc0ver 5.0.0, a tool capable of exploiting a kernel memory consumption failure identified as CVE-2020-9859, which could unlock mobile devices running versions of iOS prior to v13.5.

What do you think of jailbreaking your iPhone? Do you know the pros and cons of using a rooted mobile device? To learn more about information security risks, malware variants, vulnerabilities and information technologies, feel free to access the International Institute of Cyber Security (IICS) website.