New kind of bomb attacks to cash out ATMs discovered in Switzerland

This has been a complex year for multiple banks in Switzerland, as criminal groups have experimented with all sorts of methods to keep cashing out ATMs across the country, in a practice popularly known as jackpotting. Although the main jackpotting methods include the use of malware and complex hacking tools, the latest wave of attacks seems to have left discretion behind.

Swiss authorities report an unusual increase in reports of bomb attacks on ATMs, each representing profits of at least 100,000 Euros in each incident. So far, Switzerland has recorded a total of 24 bomb attacks against the ATMs of different banks.

Over the past seven days, two attacks on ATMs were detected at Lucerne Central Station, which had to shut down its services for about four hours, with a second explosion on the outskirts of Zurich. The operators of these attacks usually act at night, using what appears to be dynamite to blow up the ATM’s inner box.

Among the plans to keep these attacks at bay is the installation of modern security systems that enable an armored steel door when the ATM’s electronic systems detect unusual activity around the device. France has successfully implemented these systems, so Switzerland is already considering their use.

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