Big CCTV camera manufacturer Axis suffers massive cyberattack that resulted in the temporary shutdown of its systems

The technology company Axis reports being in the process of being reinstated after being the victim of a powerful cyberattack that severely impacted its systems in recent days. Specialized in the manufacture of cameras detected unusual activity in their systems during February 20, so they decided to limit some functions and initiate an investigation.

“We were able to stop the attack before its final stages, limiting the damage to our systems,” the company reports. Axis also says that so far no signs of malicious activity related to the data of its employees and customers have been detected, although the investigation has not been completed.

In its most recent update on the incident, the company mentioned that priority systems had already been restored, adding that this measure could cause some inconvenience for its users, although it was necessary to ensure that the damage would be reduced to the minimum possible.

Through its Twitter account, the company reported that its Case Insight tool and the Camera Station licensing system for users in the U.S. would continue to experience partial interruptions. In addition, the Device Manager Extend Device updates for the operating system and other applications presented considerable flaws since last Friday afternoon.

Axis spokesman Chris Shanelaris said all public internet services were disabled to protect the company’s systems and would be gradually restored over the next few days. Shanelaris did not add further details about the attack; so far it is completely unknown what type of cybersecurity incident the company experienced was.

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