Do not open this WhatsApp message offering Free Cadbury Chocolates; hackers can empty your bank accounts

The famous Cadbury confectionery issued a statement warning its customers about a WhatsApp scam in which threat actors offer consumers a basket of free Easter chocolates, which they can claim through a link attached to this message.

The UK-based firm has confirmed that this is not a legitimate offer and users of the messaging app should ignore this alleged promotion: “We have been informed about social media posts claiming to offer consumers a basket of free Easter chocolate… We can confirm that this has not been generated by us and we urge consumers not to interact.”

Some users responded to one of the company’s posts on Twitter, confirming that they had received the text message and even with testimonies from victims who fell into the trap by clicking on the attached link.

British authorities also issued a warning about this phishing campaign, asking users to ignore these messages in the face of the potential risk of handing over their personal information to individuals with questionable intentions. Mersyside Police say they are aware of how difficult it is to refuse a free chocolate, but strongly ask users not to interact with those messages.

This seems to be clearly a phishing scam in which criminals create attractive messages in order to trick users into handing over their personal information, mainly through a link to a fraudulent website with forms for data registration.

Finally, the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre advised users in general to think twice before clicking on any similar links, opening unsolicited messages or downloading suspicious attachments. Indicators such as misspellings, shortened URLs, and low-resolution images can help identify a potential phishing attack.

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