Now you can ask Google to remove your phone number, email address, physical address and other personal contact data from Search Results. Learn how to do it

After multiple scandals of inappropriate handling of personal information, reinforcing users’ privacy has become one of the primary goals of large technology companies. Such is the case of Google, which has just announced the implementation of new policies that will allow users to request the removal of certain personal content from Google Search results.

While it was already possible to make these requests in cases of doxing or leaking of bank details, the update will allow users to request the removal of other content that appears in search results, including personal contact information. Google will also allow the removal of additional information that may pose a risk of identity theft, such as access credentials to online platforms.

According to the report, the following records may be considered personal contact information:

  • Government identification numbers, including social security numbers, tax identification keys and the like depending on the country in question
  • Bank account numbers and credit cards
  • Images of handwritten signatures
  • Images of identity documents
  • Medical records
  • Physical addresses, phone numbers and email addresses

On the processes that are implemented when receiving one of these requests, Google ensures that they evaluate all the content of websites that may incur in the exposure of confidential data, trying not to limit the availability of other useful data for users. The company also looks at whether content users want to remove is part of public or government records; if so, the request is inadmissible.

Although this is undoubtedly good news, users should remember that removing this content from the results in Google Search, this will not remove the content from the Internet. To do this, it is necessary to communicate directly with the administrators of the website in question.

Google continues to implement changes to its policies in order to improve the privacy experience of its users. In recent days it was revealed the application of a new measure to allow users under the age of 18 to request the removal of any image of theirs from image search results. The parents and guardians of minors may also carry out this procedure.

Full information about these requests and other security and privacy measures implemented by Google is available on the company’s official communication channels.

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