Change these 20 passwords if you are using them in your accounts immediately

Are your passwords as secure as they can be? For many users, self-created passwords that are easy to remember are not as secure as they should be.

Cybersecurity is one of the most important subjects for  everyone. No matter how many years pass or how many hacks happen, a large percentage of people continue to use dubious password protection in services that manage a good part of their lives.

Sadly, it is quite common to hear news about the theft of accounts, which, despite the fact that this can happen regardless of the password you have, is very simple if you use the same one for several accounts or some that even a small child would decipher by doing some other test and mistake.

Forbes reports that the average number of cyberattacks and data breaches in 2021 increased by a staggering 15.1% from the previous year.  We have to have something very clear: the password is the access key to your data, so it is very important to create a system that allows you to use secure passwords, but that are easy to remember. In this article we are going to expose the 20 passwords that, if you have them in any of your accounts, you must eliminate immediately.

  • 123456
  • Contraseña
  • 12345678
  • Qwerty
  • 123456789
  • 12345
  • 111111
  • 1234567
  • 123123
  • Qwerty123
  • 1q2w3e
  • 1234567890
  • Abc123
  • 654321
  • 123321
  • Qwertyuiop
  • Iloveyou

Of course, these are the most vulnerable, but as you already know, any password that includes your first or last name, address or date of birth, is very easy to hack as soon as cybercriminals obtain some information from you.

Hackers are the first to know that we are very lazy and are able to search our social networks to find out what our favorite movie is and try it out. If they are lucky, we are completely exposed by a password that was very easy for you to remember.

It is true that it is tedious to make a password complex, but, between the fact that the platform or application is going to remind you of it and that you can write it down in a secret place, you could save yourself from some problems.

There are many ways to create uncrackable but memorable passwords, so think outside the box. Of course, online safety is something you have to fight to protect.