How to create an IoT application – tips from developers

IoT applications have already changed the way we live. Thanks to them, we can get rid of the burden of many everyday tasks. Different apps complete not only simple but also very complicated routines. However, these are not the main perks of IoT apps.

Both smart home conceptions and smartwatches tracking our health and progress are called to improve the quality of our lives. Therefore, iot development services are called to facilitate every aspect of the human being. The Internet of Things is a device or a group of devices that is embedded with sensors, software, and other technologies that can share data with other devices and systems while being connected via the Internet or Bluetooth. 

An iot application developer will always have plenty of work and orders. Technology affects not only individuals but whole businesses and even society. Obviously, in the future, the necessity of IoT in each sphere of life will only grow. Experts predict that the number of connected IoT devices will grow by 31 billion by 2025. Thus, providing iot software development services is really beneficial. Before you start, learn everything about how to create an IoT application. 

How to create a reliable IoT app

Creating at least a minimum viable product is the foremost recommendation from an iot software development company, visit Jatapp to know more.

 It will allow you to verify your idea as soon as possible and improve it relying on the feedback received from your first customers. In the development process, it’s crucial to stick to a list of steps that will let you craft highly-ranked IoT products. After doing so, you can be sure people will use it over again. 

  1. UI/UX design

The IoT app is not much different from the rest of the applications. It requires a good design in all aspects. It should not only look great but also be very convenient for users. Experienced designers will ensure this. Of course, you have to conduct certain research to find them. 

Before you start developing your own app, it would be good to realize why good UI/UX design is crucial. Some apps are used forever while others are deleted at once. What happens to yours depends exactly on how good the design is. If your users start leaving bad feedback on stores, the number of your downloads will hardly increase. 

Customer flow must be logical. Eliminate all button breakdowns. End users must use your app naturally and intuitively. It must not be confusing. 

  1. Front-end and back-end iot software development

JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages for front-end development. You can use plenty of JavaScript frameworks, for instance, React or Angular. They will ensure the best experience for developers. Their choice is only up to you. Pick the one based on your preferences, experience, or requirements of the end project. 

Back-end development is not that easy. You need to choose more tools. All of them should be compatible with one another. Here you will need to choose your programming language, the system of database management, and the DevOps tool. If JavaScript is used for the front end, then using Node.js for the back end would be logical. It is also JavaScript-based. 

  1. Testing 

This stage is required to ensure quality. Testing can be manual or automated. Naturally, no application can be launched before it is tested. No bugs are allowed and you must reveal and fix them. Moreover, users may report bugs, so be in touch and process those reports quickly. Be ready to correct all mistakes once revealed. 

  1. Feedback and improvement

Once the application is launched, your first users must be listened to and heard. Their feedback is valuable. Create a roadmap to describe what you improve and what new features you launch. Users must access it. This approach creates a trusting bond between you and your users. They know you treat them well and are ready to improve their user experience. 

Top tools for every iot application developer

The following tools can be very helpful in developing an IoT application. Although you are not a developer and may not be good at them, it would be great to ask the developer you are going to hire which tools are going to be used. The following four are nothing but must-haves. 

  1. Google Cloud IoT

It is based on the Google Cloud Platform. The tool is one of the best software for iot development today. It includes such elements as Cloud IoT Core for collecting and processing data, Cloud Pub/Sub for real-time analytics, Google BigQuery for special analysis,  Cloud Machine Learning Engine, Google Data Studio for data visualization, and Cloud Functions for the serverless environment to launch automated changes and create and connect other services. 

  1. AWS IoT

This is a well-known cloud solution initially created by Amazon for their usage. It uses agnostic protocols and cloud architecture. The platform is suitable for many IoT systems. It is flexible, adaptive, and very functional in the aspect of data sharing and file storage. It supports messages and AWS endpoint routing. The tool is very secure since it meets the DSS, FISMA, HIPAA, and other standards. 

  1. Cisco IoT Cloud Connect

This programming package is mobile and cloud-based. So far, it is one of the best IoT platforms. It ensures optimization, real-time visibility, and frequent updates. Its features include customizable billing and reporting, managing SIM’s lifecycle and IP sessions, and voice and data connectivity. 

  1. Azure IoT Suite

This is a toolset by Microsoft. The tool is worth attention due to its simplicity and multiple opportunities. Its features include easy device integration, safe and scalable access to storage banks, stream analytics, Azure Web Apps Microsoft Power BI, and message exchange between devices and the cloud. 

How much does it cost to create an IoT application?

The cost of iot development services is just a small part of all expenses required to create an IoT system. Other constituents would be:

  • Hardware;
  • Ready-made solution if any;
  • Third-party services (data storage, etc.).

The total cost would also depend on how much a developer charges. North American or Western European companies may charge more than $100k/ However, when hiring an Eastern European team, for example, you can pay twice less. The quality would be the same or even higher though. The choice is up to you! 

The bottom line

The Internet of Things is a technology that is never losing its popularity. People and businesses want to automate all of their routine processes and facilitate their lives and workflows constantly. Shortly, it will penetrate every aspect of modern society. The necessity to enter the market with your IoT app is just a matter of time.