Rockstar games hacked. Grand Theft Auto VI Videos and GTA V Source Code leaked

The same 18-year-old hacker who just hacked UBER for fun has now claimed responsibility for the RockStar hack on GTA Forums with user teapotuberhacker. In the hack he claims to have stolen the source code of GTA 5 and 6, in addition to leaking 90 real videos of the game on the GTAForums forum. RockStar is making a tremendous effort deleting videos uploaded on Youtube, Mega, Telegram, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Even so, the videos are so shared that they continue to appear especially on Telegram. The attacker appears to have used the same modus operandi as with Uber, accessing the Slack (using a worker’s stolen credentials) and also the Confluence.

It is speculated that the author of the Uber and Rockstar hack is Arion, the main member of the Lapsus group, according to pompompurin, the administrator of BreachForums.

Uber, in an update of the official statement about its “security incident” believes that the author is affiliated with the Lapsus$ Group, which confirms the theory that Arion (leader of Lapsus$) is the author of the Uber hack and also of the GTA VI game leak. Finally RockStar Games confirms in a statement on Twitter the hack:

The attacker’s Telegram account was deleted last night, as well as numerous Telegram channels where they were leaking the videos.

The videos and some of the source code were first leaked on GTAForums yesterday, where a threat actor named “teapotuberhacker” shared a link to a 3.2GB RAR archive (videos.rar) containing 90 stolen videos.

 The original message was deleted and today it has been restored but removing all the material, links, images of the source code, videos, etc in

The videos appear to have been created by the developers to refine some of the game’s features, such as camera angles, NPC tracking, and Vice City locations. Additionally, some of the videos contain spoken conversations between the protagonist and other NPCs.

After forum members voiced their disbelief that the hack was real, the cybercriminal claimed to be behind the recent Uber hack and has leaked source code screenshots of both Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto 6 as additional proof.

Rockstar Games gets hacked

The cybercriminal claims to have stolen “the source code and assets of GTA 5 and 6, the test version of GTA 6”, but is trying to extort money from Rockstar Games to prevent further data from being released.

He also posted 9,000 lines of sample code:

For that reason, he says he’s accepting bids of over $10,000 for GTA V source code and assets, but isn’t selling GTA 6 source code at this time.

While Rockstar Games hasn’t released an official statement yet, Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier has confirmed the leak is valid after speaking with Rockstar sources.

Since then, the leaked videos have made their way onto YouTube and Twitter, and Rockstar Games has issued DMCA violation notices and takedown requests for the videos to be removed from the various platforms.