XXXGPT and WolfGPT new ChatGPT like tools used by hackers

Since threat actors aggressively exploit AI technology for a variety of illegal objectives, the whole danger landscape is undergoing a profound transformation as a direct result of the rapid rise of generative AI technology.In the meanwhile, in addition to this, the fraudulent chatbot services are now supported by an additional two copycat hacking tools that are entirely predicated on the success of ChatGPT.

It was discovered that a person on a hacker site was advertising a malicious ChatGPT variation called “XXXGPT,” which boasted various capabilities that are against the law.

On the other hand, researchers in the field of information security came across another malicious AI program that they called “Wolf GPT.” Wolf GPT is a Python-built alternative to ChatGPT that makes the claim that all communications will remain completely secret while harboring a variety of malevolent goals.In addition to this, the creators of these black hat AI tools assert that their products are very smart and cutting-edge, coming with a number of unique features and services. To be more specific, the creators of XXXGPT assert that they have supported their product with a group of five specialists who are primarily geared for your undertaking.

Additionally, in addition to the two tools that were previously discussed, specialists have only lately discovered significant discoveries about an additional pair of tools that are solely based on ChatGPT’s technology.  XXXGPT offers Code for botnets, RATs,  keyloggers, point-of-sale and ATM malware
On other hand  Wolf GPT’s allows  cryptographic malware with advanced phishing attacks