Sony Corporation hacked by ransomware, PS5 lovers worried

The notorious ransomware organization known as RANSOMEDVC made the brazen claim that they were succeeded in breaching the defenses of the Japanese multinational conglomerate behemoth Sony organization Corporation. This claim was made through listings on both its clearnet and dark web platforms, where the group declared its complete infiltration of all Sony systems. The clearnet and dark web platforms were used to make the claim.

The gang responsible for the ransomware made a statement claiming that it had “successfully compromised all of Sony’s systems.” The RANSOMEDVC ransomware gang has adopted a strategy that is distinct from the traditional approach followed by ransomware, which involves locking the victim’s system, causing disruptions in IT activities, and demanding payment in exchange for the decryption key. The organization has announced its desire to monetize the stolen material, citing Sony’s apparent unwillingness to cooperate with their demands. Instead of demanding a ransom, the group has stated its intention to do so. An examination of the sample data that was made available on the websites maintained by RANSOMEDVC provides very limited insights. Among the materials that have been compromised is a PowerPoint Presentation that is said to have originated from Sony’s Quality Assurance Division, as well as internal screenshots that seem to reveal a Sony workstation, Java files, and other data. For the sake of providing some background, the RANSOMEDVC ransomware gang has been active at least since 2023. They have become notorious for their aggressive methods, which include threatening victims with the disclosure of sensitive data if the ransom demands are not satisfied. These tactics have earned them a lot of notoriety.

Notably, the RANSOMEDVC gang has been tied to a number of high-profile cyberattacks, one of which occurred in September 2023 and targeted the website of the Hawaiian government. Their objectives extend across a wide range of industries, including the medical field, the business world, and the technological sphere. The assertions made by the ransomware gang known as RANSOMEDVC have been made only a few days after the FBI and CISA issued a joint alert about the dangers presented by another ransomware group known as Snatch Ransomware. The severity and breadth of the ransomware threat are both brought into sharper focus by this development.

On the other hand, Sony has been shown to be a valuable target for hackers owing to the fact that it is popular all over the world and has a user base that spans the whole planet. Previously, Sony was the victim of a big and extensive data breach. During this incident, hackers disclosed the personal data and income information of executives and staff working for Sony Group.

In February of 2021, the authorities in the United States of America filed charges against three North Korean hackers in connection with a series of cyberattacks, one of which was their participation in the hacking of Sony Pictures.

Despite this, the recent appearance of the RANSOMEDVC gang highlights the widespread danger that ransomware poses to businesses of all sizes. As a result of this, it is very necessary for companies to have all-encompassing cybersecurity policies in order to protect themselves against attacks of this kind.