Stellar Cyber: A Year in Review

Stepping into 2024, Open XDR innovator Stellar Cyber is reflecting on 2023.

Stellar Cyber’s CEO and Co-Founder, Changming Liu, writes:

“Going into 2023, we had four clear objectives: 

  1. Deliver an exceptional customer experience from day one.
  2. Strive for continuous product innovation. 
  3. Expand our “routes-to-market” worldwide.
  4. Champion the value and power of Open XDR.”

Let’s break down these four objectives with the company’s results in 2023. How did they do, and what are their plans for 2024?

#1 Exceptional Customer Service

Stellar Cyber licenses its platform to a large portfolio of Managed Security Service Providers. According to Changming Liu, “relentless pursuit of customer excellence directly led to doubling our top 250 MSSP customer base, now up to nearly 50.”

MSSPs have recognized their impact. In the 2023s survey, they rated Stellar Cyber as one of the top three Open XDR vendors.

Beyond licensing, Stellar Cyber provides necessary education and resources for vendors and users.

The company launched two new programs in 2023:

  1. The interSTELLAR program for partners
  2. The University program for universities, students, and underserved communities

The role of the InterSTELLAR program is to offer the partners sales support, materials, and access to experts.

The purpose of the University program is to train the cyber professionals of tomorrow. At the same time, this program helps communities that lack the resources to protect themselves against a growing number of cyber attacks.

Improved Experience for Users

The company introduced a new feature — Stellar Cyber Chat- to further facilitate the use of their intuitive platform.

This is the company’s first GenAI feature. It helps the users to get answers to their questions faster.

The company is just starting its development in this area and plans to dedicate more time to GenerativeAI in the future.

#2 Continuous Innovation

Stellar Cyber has been developing its Open XDR solution since 2015. Starting, their main goal was to provide security teams with a less complex way of analyzing the overwhelming volume of security data.

Today, their Open XDR platform achieves this. It relies on AI and machine learning to integrate, analyze, and correlate the insights from multiple security tools.

Every year, they improve their Open XDR solution to provide businesses of all sizes with more thoughtful and accurate findings.

The year 2023 was the year of innovation for Stellar Cyber.

For security teams that use the insights from the company’s extended detection and response platform, this means that they can rely on the product that is faster and better at responding to threats.

Role of Partnerships in Innovation

To truly evolve and innovate, they also recognized that they needed to partner up. In 2023, they announced multiple collaborations.

Some of the cybersecurity companies that teamed up with Stellar Cyber are Blackberry, SentileOne, Oracle, and Hitachi.

#3 Expanding Global RTM

One of the set objectives for the company was to widen its route to market all over the globe.

After one year, Stellar Cyber can say that it has important global clients. 

Some of them are from Thailand (Vintcom), Malaysia (PROVINTELL), and the Philippines (NEXTGEN Group, NTT Data Solutions).

#4 Spreading the Word

In 2023, Gartner listed Stellar Cyber as one of the top 10 vendors that offer Open XDR solutions in the cybersecurity market.

Gartner included it in their 2023 Market Guide for XDR, where their services are represented among some of the top cybersecurity vendors.

“Additionally, our company was recognized by Gartner in several other reports (Hype Cycle for XDR solutions for midsized companies, NDR Voice of Customer, SecOps Vendor Hype Cycle,” adds Changming Liu.

Another route the company took to show more people the value and capabilities of its cybersecurity solution is through education.

With recent programs, Stellar Cyber introduces its platform to future cybersecurity experts as well. For example, they launched a University Program that helps future security professionals and underserved universities.

Normally, they wouldn’t have the funds to give their students real-life experiences in cyber security. This program gives them access to Open XDR technology, and it connects them with cyber experts in the field.

As a result, even future security professionals can see the value of Stellar Cyber’s platform. 

The Role of Open XDR in the Future

Going into 2024, businesses are acutely aware of increasing hacking threats. Over the last couple of years, they kept reading about more and more data breaches, and ransomware cases. 

The record-breaking cost of data breaches and ransomware was recorded in 2023. This made it more clear that businesses needed solutions such as Open XDR. They help them detect critical threats within the unique content of their infrastructure.

As hackers change their tactics and target companies of all sizes, it’s important to have a security platform built to keep you one step ahead of ever-evolving cyber threats.

Organizations are aware that they need actionable and accurate insights to protect their architecture constantly.

Open XDR has a key role in this. It’s built to prevent overloading teams with alerts and offers insights that help them focus on critical threats instead.

Stellar Cyber’s Objectives for 2024

Stellar has a busy year ahead. The company plans to continue to look for new and innovative ways to deliver its Open XDR platform to MSSPs and enterprise clients. 

Then, they intend to further improve their security product and streamline how data sources are integrated.

In addition, they will improve AI and machine learning-powered correlation and detection of possible threats for even more accurate insights — to minimize false positives.

In 2024, this cybersecurity company will hone automation that continually responds to high-risk exploits.

Similar to 2023, their objectives are aligned to make a detection and response solution as accurate as possible.