3 common VPN myths debunked

A VPN is a complex technology with a lot of myths surrounding it. So, let’s take a closer look.

MYTH # 1: a VPN slows down your Internet connection speed

Some VPN users say that their connection speed becomes slower as far as a VPN is turned on. The fact is that using a VPN can be a reason for an insignificant speed drop. The first thing to understand is the speed is affected by the server location. The further the server is, the lower is the speed.

Moreover, your connection speed is affected by the chosen protocol. For example, L2TP and OpenVPN is not the best solution for those who intend to view video streaming content but guarantee the highest security level. If you like Netflix serials or enjoy torrenting, a VPN with SmartDNS will be the real deal.

MYTH #2: a VPN allows you to do whatever you want on the Internet

Some users naively believe that a good VPN can guarantee their 100% anonymity, so nobody can identify their personality. In very deed, even if most providers claim that they don’t keep logs, this cannot be true. Otherwise, how do they provide technical support or send you the latest offers?

Virtual private networks provide a high level of privacy and anonymity on the Internet. This means that all your connections are almost impossible to detect, extremely difficult to intercept and decrypt that make them unacceptable both to hackers and censorship. Although let along with VPNs, there are other ways to hide IP addresses.

MYTH #3: VPNs are only for advanced users

Some PC users still believe that VPNs are difficult to install and configure. That said, while in the past it was not an easy task to set up a VPN, these days it is easy-peasy. The fact is most VPNs do not require any user interaction (besides choosing a location and protocol). Moreover, almost all of them have applications for installing on a smartphone in a matter of minutes. 

There are many more common VPN myths floating across internet on different social media platforms, like Only paranoid people use a VPN, I don’t need a VPN because I don’t do anything illegal, I become 100% anonymous when I use a VPN and others.