Hacking GMAT exam 780 out of 800: Police arrests a gang who worked with Russian hackers

In a statement, the Strategic Operations Unit of the Delhi Police, India, unveiled the dismantling of a hacking operation dedicated to resolving online exams, which also led to the issuance of arrest warrants for six individuals, one of whom remains at large.

The arrested individuals were found in raids deployed in Mumbai, Delhi, Gurugram and Jaipur. In addition to the arrests, authorities confiscated fifteen laptops and nine mobile phones.

On the scam, cybersecurity specialists mention that India has been experiencing problems related to online exam submission, with hacking groups dedicated to using remote access tools to present some evidence on behalf of individuals interested in obtaining jobs in the government and some private companies.

In a recently revealed incident, a group of scammers allegedly helped a candidate score 780 out of 800 on the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT), an unusually high rating but one that so far has not been proven fraudulent.

Authorities claim that this individual was in contact with Russian hackers and even visited Russia in 2018. This group would have accessed the exam systems through a remote access tool, which could not be detected by security measures on the affected systems.

Finally, hackers developed a tool to remotely access the online exam system developed by a reputable IT company.

“Members of this cybercriminal group collaborated with the lab owners, installed the tool over LAN, and then accessed the systems through remote access. They also opened several online testing laboratories for this purpose,” the authorities’ report concludes.

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