China launches more cyber attacks than any other country: New FBI report

In a recent report, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Director Christopher Wray attributes responsibility for the largest cyberattack campaigns to the Chinese Communist Party, considering that for the current regime in the Asian giant there is no such thing as peace in cyberspace.

Of all the investigations active at the FBI, more than 2,000 relate to hacking tactics deployed by Chinese government agents, who are caught trying to spy on people of interest in the U.S., steal sensitive information, and even access software critical to North America.

Wray claims that the Chinese government has been able to steal an unprecedented volume of information, causing severe damage to all kinds of organizations at an alarming rate of 2 new incidents recorded daily.

In their quest to compromise targets in the West, Chinese hackers resort to all sorts of methods and tools. For example, the plan identified as “Made in China 2025”, lists 10 key points for the success of his republic over the next few years, demonstrating that it is vital for China to adopt a preponderant role globally in fields such as robotics, clean energy, aerospace and pharmaceutical research, even at the cost of intellectual property theft.

In addition to the obvious cyberwarfare tactics, the Chinese Communist Party turns to its most skilled intelligence agents in search of access to critical information that may affect its adversaries. As if that were not enough, the Chinese government also maintains significant investments to distribute its ideological influence and infer in key actors abroad.

Faced with this risk scenario, the FBI uses all its intelligence resources for the early identification and dismantling of hacking campaigns orchestrated by the Chinese Communist Party. In a recent operation, American agents managed to interrupt the execution of a backdoor on Microsoft Exchange servers that could have proved disastrous for thousands of public and private organizations.

U.S. agencies also try to share all of their findings with the independent research community and security firms, which will allow them to create an environment that is always up-to-date on the latest threats. In this way, the FBI shows its commitment to law enforcement agencies around the world and works to ensure that cybercrime cannot act freely against critical targets.

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