BTS member Suga’s verified Spotify profile was hacked to upload a traditional Indian song

Fans of South Korean music group BTS were surprised when they came across what appeared to be an unreleased song on the official Spotify profile of Suga, the rapper and songwriter of the global music sensation.

The surprise of the users was even greater when, when playing the song, they came across a version of an Indian chant known as Bhojpuri bhajan, in honor of the deity Shiva. Everything indicates that Suga’s profile on the streaming platform was hacked and, considering the type of song published, fans believe that the attack comes from India.

Suga, whose real name is Min Yoongi, made his debut with the South Korean group in 2013, and has since been responsible for mychos of the group’s hits.

While some expressed their confusion after discovering the strange song titled Suga Song on a verified profile, others shared jokes about how Suga would react when he found out.

The conversations were so many that Suga started trending on Twitter locally.

No further details about the incident are known so far, although Suga has apparently already regained control of his Spotify account. The streaming platform is expected to issue a report on the matter in the coming days.

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