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Bitcoin, is worth investing, Although Trump doesn’t like cryptocurrencies, there are already more than 5,000 ATM’s BTC | Alarming BTC money laundering | Libra stops for regulations. Below are theRead More →

Apple disables temporarily the Walkie Talkie app because of a vulnerability |  Google record audios of users, made with the smartphone assistant and Google Home Below are the links ofRead More →

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GE Respiratory and anesthesia equipment vulnerable to cyber attacks | JULIAN ASSANGE WAS BEING SPIED IN LONDON’S ECUADOR EMBASSY  Below are the links of the cyber security news. 1. RespiratoryRead More →

protect stolen mobile y hack logitech

Block your cell phone using your IMEI in case it is stolen | Vulnerability compromises Logitech wireless devices Below are the links of the cyber security news. 1. Block yourRead More →

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Hackers attack 7-Eleven payment application in Japan and steal more than 500 K USD | Hack on repositories from Ubuntu distributor Canonical on Github Below are the links of theRead More →

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Serious problems due to excessive use of cell phones | Samsung security alert, users are recommended to verify the sources of the downloads. Below are the links of the cyberRead More →