Links between the Chinese government and large companies worldwide are revealed due to data breach

Specialized media say a database containing records of more than two million members of the Chinese Communist Party has been leaked, including dates of birth, citizen identification keys and even ethnicity.

This incident occurs at the peak of political tensions between the governments of Australia and China, which could lead to even more problems. The report was retaken by The Australian newspaper, which has conducted extensive research on the alleged links between some communist party members and defense companies, banking institutions, technology and pharmaceutical companies around the world working on the coronavirus vaccine.

Researchers say Chinese politicians have strong links to firms such as Boeing, Volkswagen, Pfzer, AstraZeneca and HSBC.

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The report mentions that the leak consists of 1.9 million records of Communist Party members. Researchers at The Australian found that employees of at least 10 consulates in Shanghai work as specialists in government and political affairs especially focused on contact with major private companies.

Investigators argue that China’s government has managed to infiltrate embassies in Australia, the United Kingdom and the US: “We believe this is the first data breach incident of its kind,” the researchers say. The data was extracted from a Shanghai server due to the intervention of dissident groups in China. Experts mention that there is no way the information has been obtained as a result of an espionage campaign, although more details could arise below.

Australia’s ties to China, its once-leading trading partner, began to wear out in 2018 when the Australian government became the first country to ban Huawei from operating on its 5G network. Things got even worse after Canberra requested research on the origins of the coronavirus, first detected in the Chinese town of Wuhan.